Translation in Non-State Cultures: Perspectives from Wales: Project Bibliography –

General criticism

  • Skoulding, Zoë. Border Lines. Poetry Wales 42.4 (April 2007) 40-41. (On poetry translation.)

Fflur Dafydd

  • Valencia, May B. Interview with Fflur Dafydd. New Welsh Review 78 (Winter 2007) 8-14. (Dafydd discusses the English translation of her Welsh-language novel Atyniad.)

Menna Elfyn

  • Miguélez-Carballeira, Helena. In Conversation: María do Cebreiro and Menna Elfyn. Poetry Wales 44: 2 (Autumn 2008) 10-14. ISSN 0332 2202. (An interview which considers the implications of translating poetry.)

Alun Lewis

  • Archard, Cary. The power of translation: the influence of Rilke on Alun Lewis and Dannie Abse. Agenda 44/2-3 (2009) 113-117. ISSN 00020796.

Mihangel Morgan

  •  Meredith, Christopher. Double Acts and Distorting Mirrors: Melog. New Welsh Review 73 (Autumn 2006) 7-12. (On Christopher Meredith’s English translation of Mihangel Morgan’s Welsh-language novel Melog.)


  • Davies, Sioned. Translating the Mabinogion. Anglistik 21/1 (March, 2010) 59-74. ISSN 09470034.

Dylan Thomas

  • Thunecke, Jörg. ‘Love the words, love the words’: Erich Frieds Nachdichtung von Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood. Neulektüren – New Readings. Gerhard P. Knapp (editor). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Rodopi, 2009. pp.195-231. ISBN 9042025247.

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