Drama and Theatre / Theatre Reviews


Adams, David. The Monks of Abergavenny: Rewriting Welsh Theatre History. Planet: The Welsh Internationalist 193 (February/March 2009) 60-65. ISSN 00484288. (On medieval theatre).

Jenkins, Nigel. ‘The Old Central Library’. Planet 200 (Autumn, 2010) 6-12. ISSN 0048-4288. (Nigel Jenkins reviews a collaborative production between National Theatre Wales, Volcano Theatre and Welsh National Opera).

Somerset, Adam. ‘Who Needs a National Theatre?’ Planet: The Welsh Internationalist 186 (December / January 2007-2008) 72-79. ISSN 0048-4288.

Taylor, Wendy. Charles Alexander Calvert and the Theatre Royal, Newport. Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre. 61.1 (2007) 35-39. ISSN 00405523.

Watt, Daniel. Transgressing the Witness at Three Sites of Knowledge. Research in Drama Education. 12.1 (February 2007) 79-91. ISSN 13569783.

Wilkins, Owain. Reading the Nation. Planet 182 (April / May 2007) 18-24. ISSN 0048-4288. (On English-language Welsh drama.)

Ed Thomas:

Rabey, David Ian. Ed Thomas: Jazz Pictures in the Gaps of Language. Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama, 1800-2005. Mary Luckhurst (editor). Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2006. ISBN 9781405122283.



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