author name: L-R (2000-today)

Richard Llewellyn

  • Adams, Sam. Letter from Wales. PN Review 35/6 (July/August 2009) 7-9. ISSN 01447076. (On Llewellyn’s 1939 novel, How Green Was My Valley).

T. J. Llewelyn Prichard

  •  Adams, Sam. The Burial of T. J. Llewelyn Prichard: An Addendum to a Note Concerning the Finding of a Prichard Manuscript. Almanac – Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English: Critical Essays 14 (2009-10) 214-220.

Alun Lewis

  • Archard, Cary. The power of translation: the influence of Rilke on Alun Lewis and Dannie Abse. Agenda 44/2-3 (2009) 113-117. ISSN 00020796.
  • Caldwell, Roger. Accidental War Poets. PN Review 34:4 (March-April 2008) 61-3 ISSN 01447076. (Review-article of Isaac Rosenberg’s unpublished letters, Poetry out of My Own Heart, and Alun Lewis’s A Cypress Walk – Letters to ‘Freda’.)
  • Hendon, Steve, ‘Everything is Fluid in Me’: A Postcolonial Approach to Alun Lewis’s In The Green Tree (1948)’, in Mapping the Territory: Critical Approaches to Welsh Fiction in English edited by Katie Gramich. Cardigan: Parthian Books, 2010, pp. 131-162. ISBN 9781905762989.
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  • Roy, Pinaki. ‘Poet in khaki: Alun lewis and his combat writings’, War, Literature, and the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities, 24 (2012) pp. 25

Eiluned Lewis

  • MacNamee, Jane. Darkness and Light. New Welsh Review 83 (Spring 2009) 17-24. ISSN 09542116. (A discussion of the life and work of Eiluned Lewis with her daughter, Katrina Burnett).

Gwyneth Lewis

  • Brigley Thompson, Zoë. ‘The Life and Death of Language’: A Kristevan Reading of the Poets Gwyneth Lewis and Mebh McGuchian. Orbis Litterarum: International Review of Literary Studies 64/5 (2009) 385-412. ISSN 01057510.
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  • Williams, Nerys. ‘Chronicling the half-life of poetry: on the longer poems of Robert Minhinnick, Gwyneth Lewis and John James’. Poetry Wales 45/3 (Winter 2009/10) 43-50. ISSN 03322202.

The Mabinogion and Related Materials

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Arthur Machen

  • Adams, Sam. Letter from Wales. PN Review 36/6 (July/August 2010) 6-8. ISSN 01447076. (Reflects on the life and works of Arthur Machen)
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Owen Martell

  • Martell, Owen. A Writer’s Writer. New Welsh Review 77 (Autumn 2007) 94-96. ISSN 09542116. (Martell discusses the influence of Dostoyevsky and T. H. Parry-Williams on his Welsh-language novels Cadw dy ffydd, brawd and Dyn yr Eilad, which have been translated into English under the titles, Keep You Faith, Brother and The Other Man.)

Roland Mathias

  • Adams, Sam. In the footsteps of Roland Mathias. Moment of Earth: Poems and Essays in Honour of Jeremy Hooker. Christopher Meredith (editor). Aberystwyth. Celtic Studies Publications, 2007.
  • Adams, Sam. Roland Mathias: One of Wales’s finest English-language poets of the 20th century. The Guardian (17 October 2007). (Obituary.)
  • Adams, Sam, Letter from Wales. PN Review 34.3 (January/February 2008) 6-9. ISSN 01447076. (Obituary.)
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Robert Minhinnick

  • Adams, Sam. Letter from Wales. PN Review 35/4 (March/April 2009) 8-10. ISSN 01447076. (Considers the achievements of Meic Stephens and Tony Conran, and discusses work by Robert Minhinnick and Graham Hartill).
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  • Williams, Nerys. ‘Lyric Encounters with Other Places: Juliana Spahr’s This Connection of Everyone with Lungs and Robert Minhinnick’s “an Isotope Dreaming”’, in Placing Poetry. Ian Davidson and Zoe Skoulding (editors). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Rodopi, 2013. ISBN 9042036141.

Iolo Morganwg

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Jan Morris

  • Fenwick, Gillian. Traveling Genius. South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1-57003-747-4.

Penelope Mortimer

  • Broughton, Sarah. ‘Penelope Mortimer: A forgotten Brilliance’. New Welsh Review 88 (Summer, 2010) 34-41. ISSN 0954-2116.

Leslie Norris

  • Jarvis, Matthew. Leslie Norris, In and Out of Place. Poetry Wales  42.4 (Autumn 2006) 35-39.
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John Ormond

  • Smith, Kieron. ‘John Ormond: Poetry, Broadcasting and Film’, New Welsh Review 95 (2012).

Daniel Owen

  • Rhys, Robert. Daniel Owen: Writers of Wales. Cardiff. University of Wales Press, 2007. ISBN 0-7083-1795-2. (Includes a discussion of Rhys’s influence on the development of the Welsh novel in English.)

Pascale Petit

  • Brigley, Zoë. Confessing the Secrets of Others: Pascale Petit’s Poetic Employment of Latin American Cultures and the Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo. Journal of International Women’s Studies 9:2 (March 2008) 20-28. ISSN 15398706.
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Katherine Philips

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T. J. Llewelyn Prichard

  • Adams, Sam. ‘Letter from Wales’. PN Review 36/4 (March/April 2010) 7-10. ISSN 01447076. (Biographical article on T. J. Ll. Prichard).

Malcolm Pryce

  • Atkins, Will. The Dulling of Ploughshares. New Welsh Review 73 (Autumn 2006) 20-25. (On the fiction of Malcolm Pryce and Jasper Fforde.)

Sheenagh Pugh

  • Gregson, Ian. Opposites of National Identification: Duncan Bush and Sheenagh Pugh. The New Poetry of Wales. Cardiff. University of Wales Press, 2007.

Oliver Reynolds

  • Gregson, Ian. Oliver Reynolds and the National Subject.  The New Poetry of Wales. Cardiff. University of Wales Press, 2007.

Ernest Rhys

  • Owen, Tomos. London-Welsh writing 1890-1915: Ernest Rhys, Arthur Machen, W.H. Davies, and Caradoc Evans. PhD thesis, Cardiff University.

Keidrych Rhys

  • Manson, Hugh. Hugh MacDiarmid and Keidrych Rhys: The Arrow from Wales. Almanac – Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English: Critical Essays 14 (2009-10) 208-213.

Kate Roberts

  • Jones, Harri Pritchard. Kate Roberts. British and Irish Short-Fiction Writers, 1945-2000. Cheryl Malcolm and David Macolm (editors). Detroit: Thomson Gales, 2006. ISSN 10968547.

Lynette Roberts

  • Jarvis, Matthew. Lynette Roberts, Collected Poems, edited by Patrick McGuinness. Poetry Wales 42.1 (Summer 2006) 35-38. (Review-article.)
  • McGuinness, Patrick.  Machine-age Mabinogion – ‘A quite extraordinary affair’: the impetuous and free-ranging work of Lynette Roberts. Times Literary Supplement 5562 (November 6 2009) 14-15.
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Childe Roland

  • Jenkins, Nigel. Childe Roland to Welsh Obscurity Came. Planet: The Welsh Internationalist 195 (Summer 2009) 86-98. ISSN 00484288.

Bernice Rubens

  • Brauner, David. Below at Your Elbow, Roth Breathing down Your Neck: Gender and Ethnicity in Novels by Bernice Rubens and Linda Grant. ‘In the Open’: Jewish Women Writers and British Culture. Claire M. Tylee (editor). Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2006. ISBN 9780874139334.
  • Deininger, Michelle, ‘It Was Forbidden, Strictly Forbidden’: Contesting Taboo in Bernice Rubens’s I Sent a Letter to My Love (1975)’, in Mapping the Territory: Critical Approaches to Welsh Fiction in English edited by Katie Gramich. Cardigan: Parthian Books, 2010, pp. 289-309. ISBN 9781905762989.

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