The Future of Welsh Studies – funding secured for another year

Good news for everyone who is concerned about the continued support for the study of Welsh culture, literature, history, etc. in Welsh HE institutions. The HEFCW funding allocations for 2015/16 are out and in it we find the following paragraph:

48. We have also extended, for one further year, the ring-fence on the funding previously allocated to the University of Wales Press, which was transferred to QR in 2011/12. In 2015/16, this funding (£132k in total) will continue to be ring-fenced within QR for the purpose of supporting scholarly publications and related activities in the fields of Welsh culture, history and literature. The ring-fenced amounts for individual institutions remain at the amounts which we notified in 2011.

It is vitally important that scholarship in Welsh studies can actually be conducted and disseminated. It is a pity that funding was only secured for one year, which isn’t a long time in the Arts and Humanities and which is also oddly at variance with the REF cycle – why not (with some suitable get-out clauses added) ringfence funding for the whole REF period? But there is hope that this battle may yet be won.

The full document is available at:


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